An elegant, responsive and modular design, with purely semantic markup
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Above all this design strives to be simple, rather than complete. This makes the project quick to understand and use, and also less prone to complex problems.

Read about keeping it simple.


The design uses a large font-size and standard colours for high accessibility, and the document sections are semantically marked-up with WAI-ARIA roles for screen-readers.

Read about WAI and ARIA.


This page is written using HTML5 semantic elements and WAI-ARIA roles. There is no markup that doesn't have semantic meaning.

Read about creating simple, semantic markup.


The size of the text, the padding and the length of the lines have been carefully considered for easy readability. The colours and the layout deliberately follow internet conventions.

Read about usability by convention.


The style elements are modular, meaning that the markup or styling can be added into different pages and still work.

Read about creating modular styling.